Oct 26, 2011

Project 1

Take: Sudden change of expression.
Scared guy (Keyframes)

Oct 25, 2011

Short but perfect

In the few days I've been in the animation school I have delved into the life and work of a lot of authors, including some who I already knew, but I enjoy reading about them as the first day I did. I will analyze a lot of stuff, so I decided to write here about it (and fill a bit the blog xD).

I'm going to begin with a great one, Koji Morimoto. From this, obviously, the title of the post. Morimoto has created lots of artwork, but practically all are short films and video clips. Let's take a look at his work.

Morimoto began working as an animator on 'Ashita no Joe' (Tomorrow's Joe), and during that time he saw the work of other animators like Takashi Nakamura, what prompted him to work hard and start on more ambitious projects. One of these projects was his collaboration in the anthology 'Neo-Tokyo' (Labyrinth Tales), in the short film 'The order to stop construction', by Katsuhiro Otomo.
The animator later founded Studio 4 º C, and from there his career has been almost exclusively directional. Among his latest animations are found the concert scenes of 'Macross Plus'.
In the world of music videos, Morimoto has worked for The Bluetones, and the Japanese pop singer Hikaru Utada.

And now I'll talk of the piece that draws attention to me xD. In 2003, the Wachowski brothers created 'Animatrix', a compilation of short films occurred in the Matrix universe. Each is directed by a guest, and Morimoto had the chance to delight us with 'Beyond'. Here it is:

Recently I saw Animatrix again, and no doubt this is the short I like most.
To fill a little more, and give end to the post, I also link an interesting spot that he animated for Nike.

Well, with this I conclude, I hope you enjoyed and if you can, dig deeper into his work. Really worth it.

Oct 19, 2011


I haven't updated for a long, and I think it's time xD
I will just explain why takes me so long to write here xD

This Monday I started studying again, and what I'm doing is an integral animation course (2D, 3D and StopMotion), which gives rise to the emergence of many projects. Clearly I'll write here about my progress xD

Well, that's all for now. See you!

Oct 6, 2011


It's something that you already know, but ...
Steve Jobs is dead.