Apr 27, 2011

Here we go!

Oh Yeah! I'm (officially) developing a project for the blog! And yes, it will be released in Spanish and English, to enable everybody to read it!

As I will not reveal anything of the plot only say that it's a comic (a one-shot) of six chapters, entitled 'Thursday'.
I've uploaded a picture with the main character designs.
More news soon!

PS: The coming weeks I will update with movie reviews, some gossips and more music, so stay tuned!

Apr 21, 2011


Have you already played Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game? What do you think of the retro video game atmosphere? The graphics, the gameplay, and something very important ... the music. After this brief introduction I guess you can infer that I will not talk about the Scott Pilgrim game, but their successful OST. Who composed it?

The responsible of this great work is the NY chiptune punk band 'Anamanaguchi'. This group, although not very known in Spain, has managed to reinvent chiptune music, combining the sounds of a 1985 hacked NES with common instruments, creating the perfect blend of traditional and digital.

Although the similarity of their themes to the 80s videogame music is obvious, the band says that this isn’t their main inspiration, as their songwriting is mostly driven by "simple pop stuff" such as Weezer and the Beach Boys.

Due to the success of the Scott Pilgrim videogame OST, they are constantly associated with it, and the pixel-art artist Paul Robertson, who created the sprites of the game and has also done some work for the group.

The band has four members: songwriter Peter Berkman, bassist James DeVito, guitarist Ary Warnaar and drummer Luke Silas.

In closing I will say that Anamanaguchi is, if not the best, one of the best chiptune music bands that have passed through my ears. Totally recommended.

  • Dawn Metropolis (2009)
  • Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game - OST (2010)
  • Power Supply (2006)
  • Airbrushed (2010)
  • My Skateboard Will Go On (2010)
  • Aurora (Meet me in the Stars) (2010)
  • Airbrushed (RAC Remix) (2010)
  • Mess (2010)
You can see more on their official website, their MySpace or following them on Twitter.

Apr 20, 2011

Unhealthy Monday!

What's Unhealthy Monday? It's an awesome day without doing anything healthy, just eating, watching movies, eating, playing video games (retro, if it's possible) and eating, among other things. Well, this past Monday we enjoyed a complete Unhealthy Monday on Pol's Fortress.
I upload the pictures and the full report. Envy!


09:05 - I arrive at Pol's Fortress. I'm received with aprons.
09:23 - Pancakes!
09:28 - We dip bread into egg to put it to the pan.
09:43 - We make a mini-omelette with leftover egg.
09:50 - Now, 100% eggs. Although Pol's egg was constantly asking us to kill him, because every second of his life was a torture. We ate it.
09:52 - Pol is dotted with oil and, combined with muscle spasms, he shouts to the pan: "Hey, are you idiot?!"
10:00 - Bacon with bacon.
10:20 - We just eat it all. What takes one hour to prepare, what we eat in 15 minutes.
10:41 - Game of Thrones!
11:43 - Game Over!
11:49 - We see Fight Club. I liked it. A lot.
14:07 - End of the movie.
14:16 - We play Survival Horror at Scott Pilgrim vs the World: the Game.
14:34 - End of Survival. 15 minutes (approx), 657 KO's.
14:40 - Serin joins the party! We play another Survival with him.
15:00 - End of the second Survival, with 1070 KO's in 15 minutes (approx)
15:04 - Fight of destiny I (Akemy vs Mary)
15:13 - Pol Wins.
15:14 - Fight of destiny II (Zex vs Stinger)
15:19 - Jared Wins.
15:24 - We play with MegaDrive (Golden Axe, Zombies ate my Neighbors and Sonic the Hedgehog)
16:09 - We passed Sonic the Hedgehog!
16:15 - We make popcorn and drink Coke Zero (only 2 of 5 bags of popcorn were acceptable. We love you, Pol's microwave)
16:17 - We see Akira.
16:54 - We eat pizza.
18:01 - Jared falls slept in one of the best moments.
18:40 - We see the best moments and the worst failures of The Matrix.
19:16 - We see Kingdom of Heaven, with Orlando Bloom (Girls, calm down). The intention was to see if we could recognize Edward Norton behind the mask of his leper character. It's impossible.
21:01 - We play Angry Birds.
21:24 - We played the acoustic guitar until we left.
00:15 (approx) - Last photo!
00:20 (approx) - Back home. Since there isn't any car on the road, we can park in the middle of two lanes and stop the engine, enjoying the silence of the night.

That's all folks!

Apr 17, 2011

Barcelona Comic-Con 2011

Yesterday I was with my friends at the Barcelona Comic-Con, and I could take some photos to upload here. I only have photographed a few little things that caught my attention, and not much more. Anyway, I hope that you will enjoy this small gallery.

I usually buy a lot of things when I go to events like this, but this time I only took a manga. It's Akira volume 1, with color pages. It's a purchase that I wanted for a long time, and believe me, it was worth.

That's all! Bye!

Apr 16, 2011

Game of Thrones (...is coming)

Winter, yes. Winter is coming. Because the American television series that adapts the adventures of the books of George RR Martin is here.
As the most fans may know, tomorrow, April 17, it will be officially released in the UK on HBO, while Spain will have to wait until May 9th to see it on Canal +, with the dubbing and whatever.
To complete this little post I show you a trailer. See it. And those of you that didn't know the books see it too, you don't lose anything.

According to Wikipedia: "Game of Thrones is an upcoming American medieval fantasy television series created by David Benioff and Dan Weiss for HBO. The series, based on author George R. R. Martin's best-selling A Song of Ice and Fire series of novels, chronicles the violent dynastic struggles among noble families for control of the Iron Throne of Westeros.
The television series is expected to follow the multiple storylines of the A Song of Ice and Fire series of novels closely, and author Martin has stated that the pilot script was very faithful to his work.

Read more on IMDB.

Apr 15, 2011

Scott Pilgrim illustrated

Today I bring you a little post about the drawings that Bryan Lee O'Malley, Scott Pilgrim creator, has posted on his blog in the last few days. First, I put the special covers that he has made ​​for the Japanese edition of the comic. The first one is the cover of volumes 3 and 4, which in Japan are published in one single number. It's colored by Steve Buccellato, who also made the color pages from the beach.

Here is the result.

The next one is the cover of the Japanese version of the last volume. Only the cover is absolutely epic. It's colored by Kinuko Mariel Cartwright.

It's a reference to 'Street Fighter Zero 2'.

And to finish I put a picture of two days ago, that Bryan made to submit to the @HeartJapanUK charity auction, which will be held on April 20.

Great work, as usual!
More about the cartoonist in his blog and in his twitter!

Apr 14, 2011

'The Hobbit' Set

Fresh news about 'The Hobbit', movie adaptation of the book by J.R.R. Tolkien, directed by Peter Jackson. What I bring you is a ten-minute video explained by the director, where he shows the film sets, such as backgrounds, costumes or makeup. The video has come out today, so it's a scoop ;D

For those of you who don't know, Martin Freeman (The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy) is Bilbo Baggins in the film divided into two parts.
You can see the rest of the cast on IMDB.

Apr 13, 2011

New acquisition!

My name is Andy Martinez and I am a SCOTT-A-HOLIC! xD

Well,this is my latest purchase of Scott Pilgrim.
In addition, yesterday I bought Akira on BluRay, but I have thought about doing a movie post later, so I will explain the experience another day.

Whatever. Goodbye!

Apr 9, 2011


Do you want to know how to make of a normal day a perfect day?! I'm going to explain you!
This morning I uploaded a drawing of Edgar Wright’s films to my DeviantArt, and besides that I've linked it to Twitter. I have not used the computer in the rest of the day.
At 21:00, I go to Twitter and I find that... attention... Edgar Wright, the director of Scott Pilgrim vs the World, my perfect role model, RETWEETED ME!

You might think 'that’s exaggerated, is just a tweet, he hasn't talked to you'.
I know, but at least I know he liked it.
But it doesn’t stop here. I went to my DeviantArt to see if I had messages and... The drawing with more visits in my account is that, and has accumulated more than 1,500 during the day! And my profile, whose record so far was 37 visits, has 600 visits now (and counting)!
I think today is a good day!
See you soon!

Edgar Wright's masterwork!

Hot Fuzz of the Dead vs the World
The best Edgar Wright's movie!! It would be crazy xD

Apr 6, 2011

Subspace! (Complete)

Here it is!

Cosplayer Saya died

On March 15th, the young cosplayer Saya, known for her cosplays for Gainax, Square Enix and Vocaloid among others, died in an accident that her family didn't want to give details. What they have confirmed is that the Internet rumors were lies, it has not been a suicide.

The people already feared by her disappearance in the recent tsunami, but she made ​​an entry on his blog confirming that she was safe and sound. Shortly thereafter, we heard this sad news, confirmed by her younger sister last April 4th.

My sincere condolences to family, friends and fans of the girl.

Apr 5, 2011


Door opened and... That's it. A drawing.

I will paint it and reupload it later.