May 4, 2011

Men in Black III

Well, well, well ... I'm late with this, but it never hurts to inform if there is a clueless that has not yet been aware.

It has been confirmed that a new 'Men in Black' film is in process. Men in Black III, yes. It's also known that both Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones have signed on to be there, in their respective roles, of course.

And what's new in this movie? For example the appareance of new actors like Josh Brolin, Emma Thompson and Alice Eve. And the characters of these actors have helped to uncover some of what the plot of the movie will be. Brolin will play a young version of Agent K, and we can see him with Will Smith in the filming, which makes no sense unless the film contains something like time travel, what is suspected to be part of the argument.

Some location photos:

Once more, the Director will be Barry Sonnenfeld, and in addition it's confirmed that David Koepp has written the script from Etan Cohen's draft.

The film is released on 25 May 2012, and maybe it has a 3D version too.

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