Mar 3, 2011


The other day I saw the Oscars from start to finish, and personally I found little content but plenty of ads, and great movies strangly valued. I will not dwell very much, because if I give details about what I saw yesterday I could write a 300 page report which describes in detail the infinite hurt that I feel at this time. I don't know if I could end it before dying of disappointment. Yes, I'm not happy with the results in spite of the 4 Oscars that "Inception" has won. Hold out until 6 am (Yes, in Spain) to get this kick, isn't... productive at all.

Everything comes from the excessive importance that has been given to "The king's speech" which, although I consider it a good movie, isn't the best of the year. Best director (Where is Chris Nolan? Huh?) and best actor, maybe. But not the best film.

Moreover, Ellen Page didn't appear in the whole issue.

Now that I have made clear how unhappy I am with the gala, as with the results, I would like to know your opinion. What do you think about this Oscars in general?

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