Mar 28, 2011


Ladies and gentlemen, followers that I don't have, today, March 28th 2011, I declare the Geekastic blog OFFICIALLY OPENED. And when I say opened I mean synchronized with DeviantArt and Twitter. The idea is show my projects and advertise my blog on various networks, and if the visits improve I will expand the territory. First I will try to let various blogs and websites know me, affiliating and things like that, and after a time, maybe I will create a Facebook page, a forum or something.
But for the moment I will publish here at DA and Twitter simultaneously, so the people will find these things by chance. To do this I will start writing about all sorts of things, design, animation, tutorials, recommendations, reviews ... Everything. xD
At the moment this is the plan and the project. Depending on the developments I'll do one thing or another.


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