Mar 29, 2011

Scott Pilgrim Bluray - Spanish edition Review

This article is for the Spanish people. But if you're not Spanish you can read it as well. It's funny and didactic.

Ahem ... sorry. I promised myself I would do a serious review, and that's what I'm going to do.
Ladies and gentlemen, I have finally in my hands, and before releasing in the stores, the Spanish edition of Scott Pilgrim BluRay. I will speak before anyone else of his contents, so you'll decide if you want to buy it or not. In the original edition we found loads of extra content, and this version have too, but for some reason some of the things aren't (I'll review it deeper later.) This, in fact, isn't surprising. I was thinking that with the little impact that it has had in Spain, the edition will had much less than what they have presented. What has annoyed me is that the signs in the movie ("So yeah", "This one girl...", etc.) are not translated into video, but with some traditional subtitles, when we have saw it completely edited in the cinema. Even with these things I must say that you can enjoy the graphics that this masterwork presents much more if you see it in high-definition. Both the audio and video let you glued to the couch, it's totally amazing.

Now I attach a list of extra content that appears or don't appear in the Spanish version:
• Feature Commentaries: Edgar Wright, Brian Lee O'Malley, etc. - YES
• Trivia Track: additional subtitles - YES
• Deleted Scenes - YES
• Scott Pilgrim vs the Bloopers - YES
• Storyboards - YES
• Making of - YES
• Alternative Edits - YES
• Galleries - YES
• Music Featurette - NO
• "You Too Can Be Sex Bob-Omb" - NO
• Pre-production - NO
• Music Videos - NO
• Osymyso Remixes - NO
• Scott Pilgrim vs the Censors - NO
• Production Videoblogs - NO
• Scott Pilgrim vs Animation - DEEP AND PAINFUL NO
I don't know why Universal do this to us. It's a fatality. But at least we can be glad that it's out, because here Scott Pilgrim is not very famous. Anyway, Bluray content is good, but it could have been better (If you're looking for extras, if you want only the movie is perfect).
But I make a small announcement to the Spanish fans whose want more and more extras. I've heard that the original version is sell on the Internet, with all the content, and it has subtitles in Spanish. I go for it.


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