Apr 15, 2011

Scott Pilgrim illustrated

Today I bring you a little post about the drawings that Bryan Lee O'Malley, Scott Pilgrim creator, has posted on his blog in the last few days. First, I put the special covers that he has made ​​for the Japanese edition of the comic. The first one is the cover of volumes 3 and 4, which in Japan are published in one single number. It's colored by Steve Buccellato, who also made the color pages from the beach.

Here is the result.

The next one is the cover of the Japanese version of the last volume. Only the cover is absolutely epic. It's colored by Kinuko Mariel Cartwright.

It's a reference to 'Street Fighter Zero 2'.

And to finish I put a picture of two days ago, that Bryan made to submit to the @HeartJapanUK charity auction, which will be held on April 20.

Great work, as usual!
More about the cartoonist in his blog and in his twitter!

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