Apr 20, 2011

Unhealthy Monday!

What's Unhealthy Monday? It's an awesome day without doing anything healthy, just eating, watching movies, eating, playing video games (retro, if it's possible) and eating, among other things. Well, this past Monday we enjoyed a complete Unhealthy Monday on Pol's Fortress.
I upload the pictures and the full report. Envy!


09:05 - I arrive at Pol's Fortress. I'm received with aprons.
09:23 - Pancakes!
09:28 - We dip bread into egg to put it to the pan.
09:43 - We make a mini-omelette with leftover egg.
09:50 - Now, 100% eggs. Although Pol's egg was constantly asking us to kill him, because every second of his life was a torture. We ate it.
09:52 - Pol is dotted with oil and, combined with muscle spasms, he shouts to the pan: "Hey, are you idiot?!"
10:00 - Bacon with bacon.
10:20 - We just eat it all. What takes one hour to prepare, what we eat in 15 minutes.
10:41 - Game of Thrones!
11:43 - Game Over!
11:49 - We see Fight Club. I liked it. A lot.
14:07 - End of the movie.
14:16 - We play Survival Horror at Scott Pilgrim vs the World: the Game.
14:34 - End of Survival. 15 minutes (approx), 657 KO's.
14:40 - Serin joins the party! We play another Survival with him.
15:00 - End of the second Survival, with 1070 KO's in 15 minutes (approx)
15:04 - Fight of destiny I (Akemy vs Mary)
15:13 - Pol Wins.
15:14 - Fight of destiny II (Zex vs Stinger)
15:19 - Jared Wins.
15:24 - We play with MegaDrive (Golden Axe, Zombies ate my Neighbors and Sonic the Hedgehog)
16:09 - We passed Sonic the Hedgehog!
16:15 - We make popcorn and drink Coke Zero (only 2 of 5 bags of popcorn were acceptable. We love you, Pol's microwave)
16:17 - We see Akira.
16:54 - We eat pizza.
18:01 - Jared falls slept in one of the best moments.
18:40 - We see the best moments and the worst failures of The Matrix.
19:16 - We see Kingdom of Heaven, with Orlando Bloom (Girls, calm down). The intention was to see if we could recognize Edward Norton behind the mask of his leper character. It's impossible.
21:01 - We play Angry Birds.
21:24 - We played the acoustic guitar until we left.
00:15 (approx) - Last photo!
00:20 (approx) - Back home. Since there isn't any car on the road, we can park in the middle of two lanes and stop the engine, enjoying the silence of the night.

That's all folks!

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