Apr 9, 2011


Do you want to know how to make of a normal day a perfect day?! I'm going to explain you!
This morning I uploaded a drawing of Edgar Wright’s films to my DeviantArt, and besides that I've linked it to Twitter. I have not used the computer in the rest of the day.
At 21:00, I go to Twitter and I find that... attention... Edgar Wright, the director of Scott Pilgrim vs the World, my perfect role model, RETWEETED ME!

You might think 'that’s exaggerated, is just a tweet, he hasn't talked to you'.
I know, but at least I know he liked it.
But it doesn’t stop here. I went to my DeviantArt to see if I had messages and... The drawing with more visits in my account is that, and has accumulated more than 1,500 during the day! And my profile, whose record so far was 37 visits, has 600 visits now (and counting)!
I think today is a good day!
See you soon!

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